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DIY Trailer Roof Repairing Project – Creating a New Roof the Easy Way

Kyle Brink

07 October 2017

Perhaps you might have observed some mobile homes parked neatly at the sides of your neighbor’s home. Their types do not matter – it could be the big RV for travelling or it could also be the mini mobile home with pop-up designs. Perhaps one of the reasons why you’ve noticed them in the first place is due to them being draped with eye-popping but quite unpleasant looking blue tarps.

You might have thought that the drapes are done as a way to protect the RV when it’s not being used. However, it could be that there is a leak at the roof. Leaks and RVs are synonym with one another, and you’ll understand if you have one at home. The good thing is that you can actually repair the leak of a trailer by referring to a number of DIY guides.

In the past, roof repairing projects for trailers were very costly and they required extensively laborious work. There were only done by expert roofers. These days, it’s easy to get the right tools to start your own DIY project. One of the common products is known as EPDM. It’s a material made of rubber and you can brush or roll it to the leaking area and it will immediately be covered with a firm seal.

Some products are manufactured exclusively for travel trailers, and these are super light and can last very long. They protect your trailer from light foot traffic and impact of the UV rays. As a result, the likelihood for your roof to become deteriorated will decrease and its lifespan will increase.

You need to get yourself ready with certain things before you can begin your DIY project. Pay attention to your air-conditioner, vents and skylights. If there are any old caulks, scrape them all off.

Next, perform a resealing procedure around all penetrating items. Refer to the guide if you don’t know how. When the seal dries, clean the whole surface using a brush. This is to get rid of any dirt, grease and debris. A clean palette should be used when the EPDM is applied.

When you need to deal with uneven surfaces, the use of special garments may do the trick. Replace any screws whenever necessary, as this will help you create the perfect seal.

The procedures mentioned above may be rather tedious in nature but when done appropriately you’ll get to extend the lifespan of your trailer’s roof. Doing a DIY repair is much preferred than leaving the leak untreated. Now you can discard that ugly blue tarp, and create a brand new look for your trailer’s roof.