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FAQs for Commercial Roofing

Kyle Brink

12 October 2017

Do you know when your roof needs a replacement? If you do, perhaps you may have some concerns regarding the types of roofing services and professional roofers. The following are some of the addressed issues pertinent to commercial roofing and how to select the right roofer.

Is it a good thing to work with a roofer who doesn’t own a business premise?

It’s not a recommended thing to work with roofers who are unable to produce a physically valid business address. Apart from allowing them to escape from finishing a task, the absence of a physically valid business address seems to suggest that a roofer hasn’t been working with many clients, and this may also suggest that they might have been offering poor quality of service.

What is the ideal number of bids do I have to receive before an offer can be made?

The majority of homeowners tend to allow at least three roofers to submit their bids before a contract is finally awarded. The higher the number of received bids, the higher the likelihood for you to be able to come up with a fair price becomes.

In what manner should I react when certain bids are illogically low?

Take note that credible roofers aren’t likely to come up with very low bids. Therefore, the safest way to react is by not accepting such bids. In certain instances, commercial roofers might offer very low bids due to the fact they do not own a license or they simply have a bad track record.

What is the ideal number of references do I have to talk to?

You may talk to as many as you want. Ask your questions regarding a roofer’s credentials, quality of work and customer service in a straightforward manner. When you have to consult a number of references, it might be a time consuming effort. However, this may prevent you from working with a bad roofer. A majority of homeowners tend to talk to at least 3 references for every roofer.

How to be certain if a roofer is properly licensed, bonded and covered by insurance?

To know if a roofer is licensed you can contact the ‘Construction Industry Licensing Board’ in your state. It’s a good thing to request to have a look at the proof of insurance plans and bond certificates. Later on, it’s your job to call the insurance provider and bond issuer to identify the legitimacy of the document.

What should you do when a roofer isn’t able to produce a roofer’s warranty?

Since a warranty prevents you from having to pay more due to poor quality of installation, it’s not a good idea to hire a roofer who is not capable of producing the warranty. Keep in mind that a credible roofer always provides its clients with a proper warranty.

What are the items do I have to include in the form of writing?

Any concerns that may cause a delay or disruption to the running of your project must be jotted down in writing. Be certain that the roofer has agreed to complete the project by a specific date. Also, make sure that there will be no changes to the final bid.

Is it a common thing to pay an upfront to the roofer?

Paying for the cost of substance is a common thing to do. However, it’s not a good idea to pay for costs of labor or additional products in advance. Credible roofers will never require their clients an upfront payment.

The Final Words

In order to receive satisfactory roofing services, initially you need to hire credible and skilful roofers to carry out your project. In certain scenarios, it might be quite difficult to find credible roofers. However, by referring to the abovementioned points you will be on the right track in terms of ending up meeting an excellent roofer to carry out your project.