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Looking at Slates as the Best Roofing Option of All

Kyle Brink

01 November 2017

The presence of roofs is important for all residential buildings. It keeps your residential building from natural hazards and it makes your home look beautiful. Therefore, it’s very important that only the best are selected to replace your broken roofs.

Since slate seems to be very popular it might be a good option for you too.

The list below shows why it’s best to consider using slates than any other materials.

• It is beautiful in appearance. When you stand back and gaze at your roof from a distance, you’ll notice how smooth the finishing is; additionally it also appears solid. Clay and volcanic substances are its main ingredients. As a result, darker colors are formed. Due to its dark color, you can say that the surface appears elegant and difficult to be affected by dirt.

• Light-colored roofs appear to be tarnished more easily; it can collect stains and dirt within a few years’ time. The color is likely to transform when it gets into contact with acid rain and a plethora of other weather induced factors.

• It has a long lifespan. Slates can naturally maintain their excellent condition for decades and the more long-lasting versions have stood strong for a century or even longer. Slates are resistant to erosion and they aren’t affected much by natural elements and weather induced factors. Whatever it is, slates do need frequent inspection. The experts in roofing installation have the opinion that slates need a full inspection in every three years. This is done to identify if there are any broken spots or cracked shingles.

• It’s not affected by fire. You’ll enjoy the most benefits when slates are being used as these are non combustible in nature. During summer the tendency of the roof to be caught on fire is there. Therefore, it’s best to acquire the best protection for your home particularly your roof by choosing slates.

• Slate hinders away the heat and keeps the internal areas of your home cool and comfortable to live in. Being categorized as a type of rocky material, slates can reflect heat and maintain a cool temperature throughout the interior areas of your home. Those manufactured in Northern Virginia are well-known for their tip-top quality; these are undeniably long-lasting and fireproof.

• It’s not affected by humidity. Damages can occur due to an excess of humidity while acid rain may cause discoloration issues. Metal, to begin with, will become rusty after a while and it may create a more serious problem when water is able to find its way through holes and cracks. As you might already know, water may lead to rot and other damages. Slates are different from most other roofing substances, as they’re not porous. In short, no moisture can ever enter through them.

• They’re cheap. Slates are beneficial for long term usage. Their lifespan is very long, and maintenance as well as repair are not really needed. Many versions of slates are offered with forty years of warranty. When your roofs get broken, all repairs will be given for free.