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Looking for Emergency Roofing Treatment? Consider Acquiring Roll Roof Shingles

Kyle Brink

06 November 2017

If you are looking for instant and cost-effective roofing treatment due to an emergency and time-demanding situation but you’ve looked around and disappointed with the skyrocketing service charges, you might want to consider applying roll roof shingles.

The following are some of the criteria of roll roof shingles. You might be able to find a great roofing material if you continue reading this entry.

The composition of a roll roof shingle

Roll roofing is different from the regular shingles. Even though it is typically created from similar groups of materials making up the ordinary ones, it’s rather produced in the standardized version of rolls and covered with asphalt and its mat is coated with mineral. The basic mat might be derived from either fiberglass or felt, and some are made with a mixture of both. The current productions of these roofing materials are found to be self-adhesive. The surface might come in smooth texture, but it might also be rough due to the application of granules made in various colors. The purpose of doing as such is to improve on fire rating, its overall look and durability aspects. There are many other versions being used in the long term apart from the roofing solutions with drip edges that fall under the standardized shingles, with which the main reason is to prevent the roof from damages brought about by water and ice dams.

The installation procedure

The installation of a roll roof shingle can be done rather quickly provided that a skilful contractor is hired. This particular shingle is installable on almost all types of roofs provided that the substrate is firm and in a great condition. It’s repairable whenever it gets damaged.

The durability aspects

The lifespan and resistance of roll roof shingles depend much on the way they’re applied and their existing condition. If the installation is done over a smooth, clean deck or asphalt with composite surface, the likelihood for shingles to last for more than ten years is there.

What’s the price range?

When compared to asphalt shingles, roll roof shingles are much cheaper. Therefore, if curb appeal is not an important matter roll roof shingles are similarly functional and long-lasting yet offered in a much cheaper price.

Its aesthetical value

Rolls coming in the form of flat roofs coated with mineral are perceived to be less popular than shingles and shakes. Nevertheless, it’s advantageous to go for rolls from this type as it is replaceable and recyclable. Additionally, even though similar materials are used for the making of rolled roofs and asphalt shingles, rolls are much lighter and they come in the single-layered form.

All in all, if you are looking for cheap, easy and quick roofing treatment all in one package, the better option would be roll roof shingles.