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Metal Roofing 101 – What Is It All About?

Kyle Brink

15 November 2017

Someone from a famous remodeling magazine called me and asked about metal roofing as they were planning to write about it in their future article. The person called me after one of their editors who were assigned with the task of writing an article regarding metal roofing wanted to seek my advice related to the subject matter after they visited and read one of my guides pertinent to metal roofing contained in my library of resource and information.

We talked for a while and our topic of conversation revolved around a variety of angles pertinent to metal roofing. The chat inspired me to write and publish this article, which is of course related to metal roofing. I hope I will be able to address many of the confusions that may have been bothering you. I have faith that this guide will be beneficial for you especially when you are planning to have a career in reroofing.

Initially it’s good to solve a number of the issues which you might have heard about already.

To begin with, metal roofing is obviously more expensive than ordinary roofing. There is no wrong answer in this – both yes and no are correct.

When you look at the initial cost of installing a metal roof, obviously you need to part with a lot of money; in fact, a lot more than the cost required for ordinary roofs. However, in the long run the price that you pay for can be recovered adequately. You can put aside a lot of savings as metal roofs do not require much maintenance. Therefore, you are doing a wise thing when you invest your money on a durable roof material like metal. In short, metal is long-lasting, great in appearance and can save energy.

To explain further, the expensive price that you need to pay initially will be easily reimbursed when the value of your home or building increases over time. Apart from that, you’ll get to enjoy various other benefits such as:

1. Durable roofing option. This is applicable when you have done your homework and you know the best roofer to hire. The newer versions of home metal roofs are offered with a fifty year warranty and the materials themselves can last for fifty years, plus and minus. Therefore, you can easily get it installed and forget about it right after! Just imagine the money you could put aside out of not having to spend even a cent on maintenance. In general, asphalt shingles have a lifespan of 17 years, so this is the estimated duration where you’ll get to save your money for other more purposeful things.

2. Metal offers beautiful finishes. Obviously, everyone loves his home. By installing metal roofs for your home, it’s pretty easy to get the desired look which can certainly drive in envious glares from your neighbors! Due to the plethora of styles and options for metal roofing, rest assured that you will spot on something which you will love having.

3. Metal roofs offer energy saving options. Are you aware that metal roofs are able to reduce your air-conditioning bill even when the outside temperature is as scorching as near-boiling water? This is because metal has a sun reflecting element which allows it to bounce off heat at a distance away from the roof area. This keeps your entire home cool and this means you’ll be paying less for your electricity bill. This is only one of the possibilities where metal roofs can pay for themselves.

4. Tax credit. The US government will provide an incentive in the form of a tax credit if you choose to have excellent energy saving metal roofing for your home.

The above points are just some basic information regarding metal roofing. I hope the simple explanation has helped you clarify some of your concerns and confusions.

Now let’s start back to where we began. Today I am going to touch on the subject of metal roofing.

A large number of homeowners know about the existence of metal roofing. However, they don’t really know the availability of different options for metal roofing.

I have been thinking that it would be good to jot down the three materials used in the making of metal roofing. I will also brief you on the existing choices and designs for metal roofing.

Metal Roofing Substances for Homes

1. Steel. Steel is used in a great deal for making metal roofs these days. Steel roofs are durable, as they are commonly layered with zinc and aluminum alloy. The coating acts as a protective layer and it prevents rust and corrosion from occurring. A common choice for steel shingles is the galvanized steel (G90). This substance is sprayed over via Kynar500 or Hylar5000.

Galvanized steel is highly protective in nature and it keeps shingles from corrosion. Additionally, its lifespan can stretch longer than thirty years. The Tamko galvanized steel shingles, for instance, are offered with fifty years of warranty. This proves the quality of steel roofs and the confidence level of the manufacturer.

2. Galvalume steel is the next kind of steel metal roofing. You can typically use it in the standing seam metal roofing panels.

Steel has increased its excellent reputation in the making of metal roofs. Metal is highly resistant to corrosion and is still in the affordable range.

3. Aluminum is the next in line. It is similarly resistant to corrosion and has a lifespan of more than fifty years if the installation is done the professional way. Aluminum is more costly compared to steel. However, it is extremely lightweight and one of the most sought after roofing materials among homeowners.

4. Copper is the last one in line. The metal seems one of the oldest being used for roofing; in fact copper roofing has been around for more than seventy years. The best part about copper is that it gets better with age. Copper is very costly and this is the reason why only limited applications are seen with it. For instance, copper roofing is used for a window’s facial covering. Some versions of copper roofing is not even offered in the open market and they’re certainly unavailable for home use. These represent premium quality, but there are always people who do not have any concerns on budget but rather on quality alone, and they’re ready to pay for the price regardless of how much it is offered.

For the final words, remember that top quality metal roofing won’t be worthwhile to use if it is installed not by professional roofers. Therefore, it’s good to make an effort to investigate the main intention of metal roofers in your region.

Best of luck!