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Metal Roofing – One of the Best Applications to Beat Ice Dams and Snow

Kyle Brink

19 November 2017

Various elements may contribute to the performance and durability of your roof. Ice dams and snow might be conquering the top list of damaging factors, although they might not be your roof’s worst enemies. When winter is around or when you are living in an area where it snows all the time, ice dams and snow are the typical issues that may invade your roof surfaces and disrupt the function of your gutter. Snow is likely to back up beneath the roof substances and result in leakage at the internal areas of your home. When winter is over and the sun is up, ice dams are likely to melt. The accumulation of snow and ice dams on the roof may fall down to the ground in huge bulks. This scenario can certainly create hazardous situations to you and other occupants in your home and may cause damages to your properties. Therefore, it’s vital to add up some sort of protection to your metal roofing system during winter days. One good solution is to fasten snow guards on top of your roof.

If you don’t know what a snow guard is, it is actually a small ice dam installed on the roof to block the sliding off of snow. The guard grips the snow intact and keeps it at the roof, so when snow melts only trickles of water will slide off the roof and not chunks of ice.

Metal roofs can provide a number of benefits to homes. It prevents blocks of ice from falling down, and it keeps your properties like vehicle, outdoor furnishing, front door, garage, lawn and patio safe from damage.

Metal roofs are easy to install, so you can do it by yourself. You can either glue them to the surface of your roof, or fasten them by screws. You can commonly find an elaborate guide on the installation technique via the Internet. Nevertheless, if you don’t have the confidence to get it done by yourself, it’s not wrong if you hire a professional roofer. This way, you can be rest assured that your roof will undergo proper installation.

If you have any concerns pertinent to the appearance of these guards once the installation is done, perhaps you shouldn’t worry too much. You can actually buy the covers for snow guards and these are available in the same substance, texture and color tone of your existing roofs. Hence, you’ll get an exact match to your current roof and it’s likely to last for a very long time. You can also choose to buy uncolored snow guards. These are transparent in appearance and will blend nicely with your existing roof.