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Preparing Your Roof to Face the Upcoming Hurricane

Kyle Brink

29 November 2017

Hurricane is indeed disastrous in nature, and it’s described as the buildup of strong wind followed by heavy rain and landslides. Your home can be damaged due to hurricane especially when your roof is not strong enough. Therefore, you need to prepare for the upcoming hurricane. A fierce hurricane like Katrina has obstructed huge areas in Florida and Miami. The severity of the damage has taught people about the significance of getting prepared for any upcoming hurricanes. When the tropical season begins it brings with it serious possible threats associated to hurricanes. From June to November, possible threats are presence in the Atlantic Ocean. From August to October, the threats seem to be present in the Pacific Ocean. The occurrence of a strong gale is considered the biggest threat of all. When strong winds are followed by hurricanes, the impact will be strong enough to lift you up from the ground. Such winds are merciless and they are likely to destroy everything available in their path. Homes and rooftops are some of the common victims of these winds.

The Ideal Roofing Solution That Can Withstand the Hurricanes

Roofs are often structurally unprepared to face the forces of hurricanes. In order to add more protection to your roof, it’s good to strengthen the joints where your roof and walls intersect. The addition can prevent an uplift from occurring due to the presence of low pressure on top of the roof and high pressure below it. Gable end roofing system seem the most vulnerable. A gable end roof has a triangle shape at the top area of a side wall. It has a pitched roof that functions as a space filler.

In general gable end roofs are created out of plywood trusses. Thus their strength isn’t adequate to resist the impact of hurricanes. To increase their resistance level, braces made of iron can be added to them. If you’ve noticed that your gable end roof isn’t supported with truss braces, remedial actions should be taken immediately as these are helpful in fighting the most severe impact of the hurricanes.

Perform an Inspection to Identify Broken or Loose Shingles

Whenever a loose or broken shingle is found, repair it immediately. Don’t forget to check whether there are any loose cables hanging on the roof. Even when your roof is flat, you need to check its condition before the arrival of the hurricane season to identify if all is good. Making sure that your roof panels are secured firmly is also vital. Use screws and bolts to fasten the intersection firmly. With proper maintenance, you’ll be able to increase the strength and firmness of your roof during a hurricane attack.

Hurricanes are destructive in nature and they can create lots of damages. Therefore, it’s vital to prevent unwanted damages before they occur by initiating adequate preparation to face the severe impact of hurricanes. You’ll get to reduce your expenses related to roof repair if a hurricane happens to hit your home.