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Roofing Solutions for Homes – Looking at Slate as One of the Best Options

Kyle Brink

22 December 2017

The roof plays a vital role in any homes, it protects your home from abrasive effects of the nature and it increases your home’s aesthetical value. Due to these reasons, it is important that you choose wisely for the best material for your roof. From the many available options, you might want to consider using slate as this is regarded as the best material.

The following are some of the explanations on the benefits of considering slate as the material for your roof:

• It looks attractive. When you look at it from afar, slate displays a smooth texture and it looks solid. It is made of clay and or volcanic materials; thus it has a dark color. Since it’s dark in color, the surface looks more sophisticated and it is unlikely to get dirty with ease. Roofs that are light in color seem more fragile in nature as they can become stained and dirty within several years. They also change colors when exposed to acid rain and a number of environmental hazards.

• It’s durable. Roofs made of slates are able to last for many decades and the most durable ones have been observed to last longer than 100 years. Slate is different from other substances as it doesn’t erode with ease. It can withstand harsh elements like sunshine, humidity and other abrasive effects of environment. Nevertheless, slates require regular inspection. Professional roofers recommend that slates are inspected once in every 3 years to detect the presence of broken or cracked shingles.

• It’s fireproof. You can benefit a lot when using slates, the non-combustible solution for roofs. When it is summer and instances of fire are common, you must consider having a protection from fire for your home. Choosing slate is a very good idea as it is unlikely to get damaged by fire.

• Slate keeps heat away from the interior parts of a home. As slates belong under the group of rocky materials, they reflect heat and keep the interior area of a home cool. Slates produced in Northern Virginia are considered the best; they’re absolutely durable and are not affected by fire.

• It’s resistant to humidity. High humidity can cause damages to the structure of your roof while acid rain has the potential to change the paint color. Metal, for instance, can get rusty and cause water to enter through the cracks. Water is known to decay and shrivel roofs made of wood. Unlike other materials, slate is non porous in nature. This means moisture is unlikely to seep into it. If you want to buy slates, remember to get them reliable sources.

• It’s inexpensive. The use of slates for your roofing material can benefit you in the long term. As this substance is highly durable, it doesn’t require regular maintenance and repair. Slates are commonly sold with long term warranties. These days you can find them offered with a forty-year warranty. If these shingles are broken due to accidents, repairing can be done free of charge.