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Selecting the Ultimate Color for Your Home’s Roof Shingles

Kyle Brink

30 December 2017

Many homeowners are not aware of the need to pick the right roof color if they plan to change their existing roof. If you are facing the same dilemma right now, perhaps you’re surprised to discover the plethora of options available for roof colors. To a majority of homeowners, roofs tend to look the same. However, if it’s time to select the right color for the roof, there is no denying that at times it can become a complicated task.

Indeed, roofs are available in various colors. If you are not really bothered about their color, perhaps when choosing the color for shingles you might feel the available variations as boring. The truth is, shingles can be found in different colors, shades and combinations. When looking at shingles from a closer angle, you might discover that even the grains making the asphalt coating are made of different colors. When you want to paint your home, you can match the color of your shingles with the color of your walls, for instance.

There is no denying that the roof is a crucial part of your home. Majority of roofs are visible from a distance, say, from the street or a neighbor’s house. As you will likely need to stick with the color selection for 10 or 20 years or longer, you might want to choose the right color that pleases you the most.

Proper color selection may involve matching the main color of your home with the color of your roof. Therefore, when you plan to repaint your home it’s good to plan early about which color to select for your roof. Your selection of color should also match your home’s siding and trim color.

Below are some suggestions that might be helpful:

Home Color Shingle Color

1. Yellow Black
2. Red Brown
3. Green Brown or Gray
4. White Dark gray or black
5. Blue Dark gray or black
6. Tan or cream All shades of brown
7. Natural wood Green

Take note that the choice of daring or unusual colors is not recommended if you are doing a reroofing project, unless you have a bigger budget to opt for an extremely trendy design. Your main aim should be to create a harmony with existing colors instead of creating an eye-popping result due to your bizarre selection. Looking around the neighborhood may give you an idea of the right color to pick. If you want to use a specific color option, inform this to the hired roofer. The roofer might be able to recommend a few color options as well.

An ideal color option can also be derived from the existing weather condition in your neighborhood. The choice of light colored shingles is ideal for an area with warm climate as it reflects heat more effectively. For areas with colder climate you can opt for darker colors as these can absorb heat effectively and prevent the accumulation of snow on top of the roof.

It’s perfectly alright to seek assistance when it comes to choosing the color for your shingles. When you visit some of the roofing websites, you might find their automatic color matching tools beneficial. It’s also a good idea to hire a color expert to help you out. You just have to consider this as a small investment before you proceed with buying the entire shingles. Perhaps you can even ask your neighbors to assist you especially when their shingles appear attractive to your eyes. Keep in mind that a roofer provides services to make money; in other words they do this for a living. Therefore, it might also be helpful if you ask your roofer about the ideal color option that will likely make you happy in the long run.

Remember that the roof color of your choice will stick around for many years in the future. Therefore, take your time to choose the best color for your roof. You won’t regret doing so.