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Standing Seams – The Ideal Installation Option for Metal Roofs

Kyle Brink

09 January 2018

Metal roofs are growing in popularity these days and they seem to outrun asphalt shingles and tiled roofs as metal roofs are more durable and lightweight. In fact, metal roofs are ideal for huge-area installation and most versions come with 25 – 50 years of warranty.

When you are planning to construct a new building, you should call a metal roofer right away to get an estimate on the cost of materials and the time of their arrival after an order has been placed. In certain situations, you will need customized roofs. You may obtain useful information pertinent to building codes from some of the credible roofers in your neighborhood. These contractors will be able to provide you with good insights.

Some of the things to consider is the likelihood of your roof to pass the existing building codes in your area. You should know the types of metals and which are the best ones around and allowed for installation on your roof.

If you choose aluminum take note that it typically lasts for more than fifty years; however, this option can be more costly. Knowing the types of coating available for use is also crucial. If you want the roof to reflect the heat effectively, ceramic is a good option for coating purposes. This option is particularly beneficial when excessive heat can trigger serious issues that may typically occur in between the area of your roof and the interior of your ceiling.

If you are living in a cold-climate area, have you installed proper insulation system to your roof? Do you know the right kind of maintenance to opt for? Keep in mind that the more expensive a roofing option gets, the lesser the likelihood for it to need any kind of maintenance.

It helps if you consider calling a roofer during the initial part of planning as you’ll get a wider base of options in the types of designs to contemplate with your existing roof. The customized option is even better as you’ll be able to come up with bolder, more unique and more attractive designs that can certainly increase the aesthetical value of your new home.

Metal standing seams are more flexible in nature as you can roll them to unlimited lengths. They’re extremely versatile, as they’re applicable on pitched roofs, curved roofs and flat roofs. Aluminum is a great substance for the making of metal standing seams, as is provides additional flexibility in terms of creating a good fit and it works pretty well in any types of climates as well as locations. Other metal substances are similarly reliable, and their usage depends much on the stability and strength of your existing roof. Additionally, you can also seek advice from a metal roofer, as long as the person has the right experience in this field.

Once you’ve decided on the design and substance for your metal roof, next you need to consider the kind of eave overhang to install. The entire design of your roof acts as the determinant factor on the amount of eave you need to install. However, it’s still important for you to select the color and substance so that the perfect harmony could be created. Fascias should be fastened beneath the eave overhang and this is to protect your roof’s structure and to keep hazardous factors from entering the space of your roof. A majority of designs are equipped with proper ventilation system built right within the structure to allow enough circulation of air within the top areas of the structure’s wall.

Last but not least it’s good to consider the best design for your roof’s rainwater system. An ideal drainage can be installed right within the structure of the wall or it can also be built in the form of an external downpipe. A reliable drainage system must be at par with the quality of the existing component of your roof; this is to ensure that the lifespan of your roof can be extended to years ahead without acquiring much maintenance. A good drainage system is also beneficial when you’re planning to recycle your water. A good system channels rainwater into a lidded tank, and the water is usable for repeated times as long as it’s not for drinking and cooking. Although there will be some maintenance costs associated to this, in the long run you will be able to put aside some savings.

Metal roofs seem to be a great option and these have been growing in popularity in the last few years. With proper care and knowing where to find the right solutions to this kind of roofing system, it will be easy for you to increase the aesthetical appearance of a newly built home or an existing one.