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Steps to Assure Proper Fixing for a Leaky Roof

Kyle Brink

19 January 2018

A leakage on the roof is an unavoidable thing, but how do you fix this problem? Are you planning to contact an ordinary roofer or are you more comfortable to deal with an expert?

Before anything else, it’s vital that you get some heads up about the distinction between an ordinary roof repair and a huge repair.

Perhaps you are not convinced there are any differences in the first place.

There truth is, there are some definite differences.

An ordinary roof repair is typically the cause of minor issues like improper installation of a tiny part of the chimney, a skylight which is experiencing a few nail losses, or the missing of some shingles from the roof due to the impact of the wind.

The conditions above are relatively simple repairs as they only need immediate yet easy solutions. In most cases, the use of several nails, caulks and leak sealants is good enough.

Such problems tend to occur frequently. When one of the scenarios above happens, the best solution would be to fix it immediately. Watch for any visible signs, such as stains of water on the ceiling or visible stains marking the upper floor area.

At times, more complicated problems may occur to your roofing system, and in such cases, the causes are often more serious in nature. Inadequate or improper ventilation in the attic may be one of the reasons. You might become puzzled with what is happening, as at times it’s rather impossible for leakage to happen when there is no rain at all.

To get a better understanding about the real situation that you might be experiencing, take note that moisture is unique in the way it works. When the amount of moisture becomes excessive, it will turn into water. The rule of thumb here is that water always travels downward. When your attic has been accumulating a lot of moisture absorbed from the kitchen, lavatory and laundry room, eventually all the moisture will turn into water. It’s possible for the attic to turn into a rain forest! When this happens, your roof deck could become warped and the shingles could become loose and detached from their position.

Ordinary roofers could typically perform a replacement for all the missing parts of your roof. However, it’s unlikely for them to identify the root cause of the problem. This could lead to repetitive repairing as the actual cause isn’t identified. Of course, the cost would become skyrocketing. Eventually you will be forced with no other options but to replace the entire roof.

It’s a good thing that better alternatives are available

Whenever you are planning to call an ordinary roofer, make an effort to investigate their main plan of action. If they are only interested to patch up a leak and they don’t seem bothered to explain the actual cause of the problem, your job is to find other roofers until you’ve found someone who are honest and are willing to share some beneficial insights with you.

How to identify if a roofer is telling the truth?

In this case most importantly you need to trust your sixth sense. Apart from that, you should also request for past work examples related to the problem you’re currently having. Don’t forget to ask for references and contact all of them and be attentive in listening what they have to say about the particular roofer. It’s also a good thing to compare the action plans of one roofer with the next.

In general, working with a roofer who has obtained ten years of experience or longer could provide you with the highest level of satisfaction. However, take note that such service providers may have been fully booked and they might be too busy to entertain all your needs which means at times they can be less reliable compared to smaller roofers.

On the contrary, smaller roofers might not be adequate in terms of experience and level of professionalism, so there are still doubts on whether they’re able to provide the right service for you. In the end it all depends on you, the consumer. Diligence and willingness to spend some time to acquire the right information will help you in tracking down the best service provider.