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The Non-Abrasive Ways to Clean a Roof – Clarifying on the Best and Worst

Kyle Brink

15 February 2018

It’s been known for long that the topic regarding cleaning a roof may cause a lot of confusions among many property owners. If you have a concern on how to remove moss from your roof, it is likely for you to receive, say, ten different feedbacks when you ask around ten roof cleaning service providers who are operating on a separate basis. You may even question yourself if cleaning a roof is really that complicated. The good news is it’s not.

Reasons why you’re likely to receive different opinions on roof cleaning methods

Firstly, it is crucial to find out the reasons of the presence of different opinions when it comes to techniques in roof cleaning and questions regarding the best roof treatment to use. Basically, it all depends on the availability of capital and access. Many roof cleaning companies tend to operate in a small scale. Generally this kind of operation is considered very good, as small businesses seem to be the major contributors to our present financial condition. Additionally, clients have the opportunity to deal directly with the runner and decision maker of a small business.

Nevertheless, the presence of disadvantages is still there. Roof cleaning companies that are too small in size are not always equipped with the right amount of capital and tools to start providing services immediately. Many businesses only have around $1000 to $10000 to buy a power washer and after that they are left with zero capital. Additionally, when the company purchases a certain tool that helps in the process of roof cleaning in a certain unique method, it is often too difficult to convince clients that this single cleaning method is the one to look for all the time.

The disadvantages do not stop around the issues of not having enough capital. This is understandable as certain cleaning techniques do not need the use of many cleaning tools. However, most of the business owners need to get their hands on the latest technology in roof treatment solutions in which many of them are unable to get access to. If these businesses are not knowledgeable about these treatment options, no services associated to these can be offered to customers. In a way, the main issue still falls back on capital as such businesses are, in general, unable to spend more than a few thousand dollars to develop their own custom treatment options.

On the contrary, general roof cleaning options like zinc sulfate and bleaching treatment can be obtained from most companies. These treatment options are often considered as the crucial requirements in any roof cleaning solutions, but in reality they don’t really address specific and unique requirements of the roof.

At the same time, the license for pesticide imposed in a number of states is adding up to the educational requirement to services related to roof treatment. In order to get rid of moss on the roof, in many situations a license for pesticide is considered an obligation. However, ‘pesticide’ should not be a word to be afraid of as the substances used for cleaning are rather common; for instance, zinc sulfate. Others are gentle in nature but these need to be tested and this provides another problem that needs to be solved.

In general the varied opinions collected from different roof cleaning companies might strongly be due to the fact that they’re only capable of providing one treatment solution only, regardless of its level of effectiveness.

The role of awareness and familiarity

Most of us would go for services that we’re well aware of. This is rather understandable, as the nature of life is often as such. The same goes with roof cleaning. Many businesses are actually created by people who were formerly a foreman who worked for other companies. When they are asked to offer a service, typically they are inclined to provide the one they had offered at the company they previously worked for. I would rather regard this as a positive energy but with the use of wrong information. This same scenario keeps going on and on.

In addition, when a person puts in too much energy doing laborious jobs for long hours, they have no time to spend to put together the kind of professionalism and industry-relevant services anymore. In other words, a lot of roof cleaning companies are actually clueless on the presence of more effective techniques and roofing treatments.

It’s beneficial to be a smart property owner

As most of property owners do not know much about roof cleaning, many are easily scared off by service providers as these are the people who should know the whole extent regarding roof cleaning. This is especially true in cases when a roof cleaning contractor is able to pitch his client excellently; a client would normally agree and remain not knowing whether the opinion is true.

The extensive list below is comprised of a number of different techniques that can be utilized for roof cleaning and roof treatment:

Air blowing via low pressure cleaning substance

Air blowing via high pressure cleaning substance

Manual brushing

Roof sweeping (with a broom)

Roof rinsing via low pressure

Roof cleaning (with detergents)

Powerful roof washing (via low pressure but high volume of cleaning substance)

Treatment to prevent growth of moss

Roof treatment with self-cleaning methods and substances

Wooden roof quality preserving services

Roof UV protection services

Treatment for roof discoloration issues

Roof cleaning before elimination of moss

Roof cleaning after elimination of moss

Conclusion: Roof cleaning services are available in different techniques and combinations; every service offers different advantages as well as disadvantages.