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The Significance of Roof Gutters and Whether You Need Them

Kyle Brink

29 February 2018

When you want to remodel your home, you will be faced with the need to make a lot of decisions. Commonly, you might have channeled your attention more toward your home’s flooring, cabinets and furnishings rather than your roof and its gutters. Due to the absence of proper planning for an effective drainage system, the gutters are usually the last ones installed. Some homeowners have the opinion that gutters are not necessary when a home is built in certain regions where the soil is sandy and the roofs are designed with overhangs. Nevertheless, there are a number of factors contributing to the significance of having proper gutters for your roof.

Why Do You Need Gutters?

Gutters serve the purpose of capturing and controlling the movement of rainwater originating from the roof’s eaves. They channel rainwater to a specific location. When there are no gutters, rainwater is likely to plummet in a bulky form and it’s likely to fall off in one go. Gutters also provide some other purposes depending on your home design and landscaping.

When rainwater falls in big dollops from the roof, it may hit a hard structure and cause severe damages. Water in big amounts may also destroy mulch and other coverings in a landscaped lawn. When water splashes on wooden structure, as a result termites are likely to reside near your home. Additionally, improperly discarded rainwater may lead to the weakening of your home’s foundation. Apart from that, you might feel annoyed when splashes of rainwater wash down right on your head before you enter your home.

Consequences to Deal With When There Are No Gutters

When a reliable gutter system is installed, you can get away from expensive home repairs particularly the windows, doors and wood trimmings. When rainwater pools out in your walkway, deck, driveway and many other flat surfaces, problems are likely to occur. With the presence of gutters, water is blocked from arriving at these flat surfaces; therefore, all associated damages to your home can be kept at a minimum. Gutters keep water from disrupting the structure of your home’s foundation, it keeps your landscaped lawn and driveway neat and dry as all the water is channeled elsewhere where it’s safe to discard.

Almost all homes that require no maintenance have their bottom exteriors built with wooden sill plates. Termites are particularly interested in moist wood as they can chew on it. Some termites can even fly, and this means they can find wet soffits or fascias and cause damages at these areas rather quickly. When rainwater has been disrupting your home’s foundation, premature damages and bizarre symptoms may occur. Some of the clues where the home foundation has been affected are such as cracks within the internal areas of the walls and doors and these are very hard to conceal.

The cost of installing the best gutters is considered much cheaper than the cost of repairing that will be required from you due to the occurrence of any damages caused by rainwater. Professional roofing contractors have the right experience and knowledge in installing the perfect gutter systems that will also keep debris, branches, leaves and other items from accumulating inside the gutters. This is crucial as you want water to flow freely all the time. Top quality gutters are highly resistant to severe impact of the weather, and they enable homeowners to spend more time in taking care of their home and properties rather than maintaining the gutters.