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The Ultimate Five Tiled Roofing Options

Kyle Brink

01 March 2018

Tiled roofs have their own benefits in comparison to other kinds of roofing such as asphalt shingles and wood shakes. Tiled roofs are generally considered as fragile; however, several other traditional options are also available. Below, you will be served with the ultimate five tiled roofing options; thus, you can choose anyone of them that fits your requirement and wallet size.

#1. Cement tiled roofs.

Tiles are heavyweight in nature, and they’re even heavier than clay tiles. Nevertheless, cement is generally fire resistant in nature and it is similarly more reliable. No cleaning is needed whatsoever; in fact, if you still want to clean it you can simply do so without hiring any professional cleaning services. Cement roofs are available in great color and texture options; this means you’re served with a plethora of selections. Cement needs little maintenance, but its initial purchasing price is expensive when compared to clay tiles.

#2. Tiled Slates.

Slates are often distinctive in appearance but they are considerably heavy. Additionally, you must employ a professional roofing company to get the slates onto your roof. As these slates are heavy, you need to create a supporting base to protect the roof from damage or total obstruction. At the same time, as you also need to clean your roof from time to time, it’s a good thing to hire the professionals to do both the installation and cleaning of tiled slates. Although slates are heavy, keep in mind that they’re extremely fragile and can break easily. This is another reason why you should hire an expert roofer to perform the installation of a slate roofing system.

#3. Reinforced Tiles

Reinforced tiles are considered costly, yet you’ll get a number of benefits due to the installation of this roofing option. Reinforced tiles are made of concrete fiber. The tiles are available in various textures; this means it’s easy for you to create a unique appearance for your roof. These tiles can even be shaped to imitate the appearance of other substances, say, wood, stone and others.

Reinforced tiles are also fire resistant, lightweight and do not need much maintenance.

#4. Metal tiled roofs.

A metal tile is a unique but interesting option. The price offered for metal tiles can be both cheap and expensive, and the determinant factor relies on the type of chosen metal tile. Aluminum tiles, for instance, are lightweight but they’re not really strong to fight all the hazardous elements so the price might be lower but again, it all depends.

Other metals are often sought after more than aluminum. Additionally, aluminum roof installation can be expensive, although there are some cheap options available to offer.

If you decide to use the expensive aluminum roofing system, you can minimize the need to spend over unnecessary things by simply hiring a professional metal roofer. Due to proper installation and smart painting techniques, you’ll get to enjoy premium quality roofing for a very long time.

#5. Synthetic tiled roofs.

Apart from using natural resources to create tiles, some roofers tend to prefer using synthetic tiles as the main roofing materials as these have proven to be beneficial over a period of time. Synthetic roofing is indeed a cheap option and it doesn’t need any maintenance. In short, in this entry you are served with different style options and you are allowed to choose any one of them.

If you want a sub roof to be installed right above your present roof, you might consider opting for synthetic riled roofs as well.

Along with the list above you are encouraged to explore on other different types of tiled roofs. Nevertheless, when referring to the aspects of durability, maintenance-wise, cost-wise, color-wise, texture-wise, fireproof concerns and resistance to incest, the above list seems to be the more popular roofing options.